Sub Admin Panel


  • Push notifications
  • Gym profile
  • Advertise fitness classes

Admin Panel


  • Calendar
  • Include your trainers in your own dashboard
  • Lead generation
  • Push notifications
  • Gym profile
  • Advertise fitness classes

Online Coaching + Admin Panel


  • Lead generation
  • Push notifications
  • Branded admin panel
  • Online coaching platform
  • Digital marketing integration
  • Email automated tools
  • Email synchronization
  • Stats
  • Gym profile
  • Advertise fitness classes

  • Your clients are your jewels and their fitness goals are your challenge

    Work as a team with your clients, help them get fit and feel good. With our online coaching tool trainers can create training and nutrition plans with only a few clicks from their smart phone or by using V-Training’s web app. They can also include tutorial videos for each exercise, shown as a link. Trainers and clients may opt to interact with photos and dialogue in a built-in messaging system.

  • Client Reminders

    Don’t take your clients’ time for granted, help them remind them of their appointments. Send automatic reminders via text message to your clients.

  • Visibility and Exposure

    Your trainers and fitness instructors are your main team leaders, support them to get more visibility. Advertise their classes and profiles with our digital marketing platform. Push notifications, ads and PR exposure.

  • The Gathering Corner

    Use our cutting edge technology to fill empty spaces in your classes. Our platform not only allows you to have a waiting list in place for fitness classes, but will immediately advertise if the system finds empty spots.

  • Automation Tools

    Send emails and newsletters using automated tools from our platform. Organize your contacts and sync new clients immediately into your existing lists and segments.

  • V-Messages

    Interact with you clients and speak to their needs whenever you want through our V-Messages tool. Obtain their feedback, provide fitness guidance and send tailor made training and nutrition plans.

  • Keep calm and watch your stats

    We use technology to source data. Let it do the work for you. Don’t bombard clients with information they don’t read. This built-in tool will automate and send useful information about your promotions, blogs and newsletters to your clients according to what they normally read.

  • Lead Generation

    We integrate top API providers to run your digital ads and gain traffic. You don’t have to go to different platforms to watch how your digital ads are performing.

  • Team Availability

    Clients can book personal trainers through our system. The only thing you need to do is ask your trainers to enter their availability in their smart phone or web app. Clients can also request to train during an unlisted time. This feature is found under “request specific time”.

  • Payment Processing

    We work with all major credit cards, apple square and PayPal. We process your transactions at very competitive rates, with no hidden fees.